So apparently my idea of having a closed blog is a bad idea. So, here is my revamped idea. Everybody is welcome to comment about any topic. Make any comment you like, but if it is just plane dumb somebody will delete it. I still have 4 other authors that can delete at will. We intend to only delete comments that have no reference, or no point other than to show what a jack hole some people with computers can be. You will still need to register, there are a lot of problems if we don’t make you register, but that is all.

So come in, read a little, type a little, learn, vent, whatever… hopeful it will be fun. Hopefully we can still make it a useful tool and can┬álearn from our fellow Americans, why they think like that.

And if you have a rant you would like to see discussed please just send it to my email and I will post it exactly like you typed it. If you want your name attached, type it in.


Kevin G.



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