Welcome, everybody.  Please watch this short video and if you can see yourself acting like either of these “gentlemen” this may not be the blog for you.

Watch this spirited debate.

But if you are interested in the unfiltered views of individuals from both sides of party lines, you have found the right place.  Our intentions are to expose the reader to views that they don’t get by simply hanging out with their like minded friends and listening to their like minded talk shows and their like minded news.  This blog is for ‘anybody who is willing to read with an open mind’s’ education, not to find fault in somebody or their views.  There are no liars or fat people here.  Well, fat, maybe, but I don’t want to hear about it (that’s a topic for another blog).  If you don’t think that what somebody has posted is correct, I assure you that they believe it is and they are not trying to get away with a lie.  We are not trying to convince you of anything just state the facts as we see them.  If you don’t agree, I don’t care, so why lie.  Only statements and questions of true inquiry are allowed here.  I expect to see statements with verifiable references posted.  Even if those references are Bill Maher or Rush Limbaugh.  Let’s face it, these are where a large portion of our citizens are getting all of their political information.


With so many sources of information today it is hard to make an unarguable statement.

Example: A basketball player said his abilities have been compared to Jordan’s.
—The whole truth is somebody said, “His abilities are nothing like Jordan’s.”

So, is he wrong or a liar?  You have to accept that common sense is as different as the people who claim to poses it.  I also detest when I hear somebody call the other stupid simply because they do not share their belief.  Do they really think they can make a judgment about one’s intelligence simply because they disagree? Our reader would be hard pressed to find a more educated group than our 4 main bloggers.  Well, at least the 4 that are willing to do something like this.  Schooling and intelligence are not lacking.  True, one may be more educated or have a better background on certain topics than another, but that’s why we’re here, to share information, discuss, and learn.

So if you are willing to abide by the ground rules of our blog we would love to hear from you and we’ll include your comments as often as possible.



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